The Nootropic Multi Teal: Calm Flow (45 Veg Caps)

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 A unique blend of endogenous nutrients. These are nutrients that naturally occur within the body, playing a crucial role in sustaining life and promoting growth.
Our formula is a powerhouse combination of six key components: a multivitamin, liver detox, immunity booster, Co Enzyme Q10, and ingredients specifically targeted to support brain health and mood.
Our supplement works to replenish nutrient deficiencies, helping to restore balance within your body. It's not an immediate sensation, but over time, you may notice subtle shifts in your creativity, thought patterns and behavior. Patience is key; give it time to work its magic.




*Supporting calm energy during the day

*Helping you wind down at day's end

*Pain relief


*Can help take the stimulating "edge" off of other nootropics


 Great for daily use. Many only need it every second day.    

Improves the sleep quality of many users,

Calm energy. 

Remember that the nootropic multi range is designed to be used as a course of 3 months. Or more, as a lifestyle, even.  

After having tried the Teal, we'd suggest trying Purple or Gold. 

After all 3 have been used consecutively, you'll have a good feel for this range, and should notice a few improvements in your life. Pay attention to subtle changes in your sense of wellbeing.  Then you'll probably know your favorite. 

Remember also, this is food for your body and brain. These nutrients are native to your body. 


 Most people feel this one after the first use of 3 capsules taken at one. 

Others may need Purple or Gold. 






 Teal -1 (is more calming)

Purple -2

Gold -3

Zero1 - 6

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