Directions for Use

General directions

In order to get the maximum benefit from this product it is important that you use the full dosage. It is also important that you use it for long enough.

Ideally one would take 3 capsules at least every second day, for a period of no less than 3 months. 

Many use The Nootropic Multi daily, as their multivitamin. Teal is especially suited for daily use.

Some may want to add an iron supplement to complement the nootropic, but for most this won't be necessary. 

We'd suggest that most people supplement with magnesium citrate at night, as magnesium has been found to be good for a variety of different things, such as quality of sleep, cramps and even anxiety.  


Loading phase

in order to feel the effects of the nootropic as quickly as possible, it is recommended to start with a loading phase, whereby you use the full dosage for one's age for 3 consecutive days, or even every day for up to a week. 

Thereafter one could use the nootropic every second day, or even every day.


Storage instructions

Do not leave this nootropic in a hot environment as the content might start to turn black under such conditions. 


How does one choose between Teal, Purple or Gold?

Go with what feels right for you. 

In terms of "strength", one could loosely rate each nootropic as follows:

Teal -  mild

Purple - medium

Gold - distinct 

There is no fixed way to use this nootropic. Play around with it until you find your flow. Also, at different times your preference may change. It's all fluid, use the one that resonates best with you. 

If you seem to stop feeling one of the versions after a while, switch to one of the other colors, or take a break completely and start again at a later point in time.


Dosage guidelines

These are guidelines, and as such they will vary according to individual preference.

  • Ages 3 - 9 years: 1/2 - 1 capsule
  • 9 -12 years: 1-2 caps
  • 12 - Adult: 2-3 caps


  • Many choose to take the nootropic every second day, as it can have an "afterglow", meaning the results tend to last into the next day.   
  • Best taken on an empty stomach or with carbohydrates, fruit, yoghurt or juice.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Safety for use if pregnant or nursing has not been established. Consult a doctor if you are on medication or have a medical condition before using.  
  • There's an initial adjustment period which you may have to push through. Expect to feel different, that's the entire point.   
  • May increase the effects of other nootropics/mind altering substances.
  • May react negatively if used with additional B vitamins, opioid medication or excess alcohol.


General Health Combo

The Nootropic Multi + Magnesium Citrate


Combo for vegans and vegetarians

The Nootropic Multi + Iron + Magnesium Citrate


Sleep stacks

Teal nootropic during the day + Magnesium Citrate at night


Teal nootropic during the day + Nootropic Sleep Support at night. 


Gold nootropic during the day + Magnesium Citrate at night


Gold nootropic during the day + Nootropic Sleep Support at night. 

Nootropic stacks

This nootropic can be stacked with many other cognitive enhancers. Play around and find what works well for you. We'd love to hear your feedback. 



Mood stacks (done in consultation with a qualified healthcare practitioner only):

The Nootropic Multi alternated with 5 HTP

The Nootropic Multi alternated with Sceletium 

The Nootropic Multi alternated with St John's Wort

The Nootropic Multi alternated with GABA

The Nootropic Multi alternated with Saffron extract


Note on magnesium:

If using a single-source magnesium, our preference is Magnesium Citrate. 

Magnesium L-Threonate is patented, which make it exceptionally over-priced, and to us, over-hyped.

Magnesium Glycinate, whilst being helpful to many for sleep, ruins the sleep of many others. Magnesium Citrate is better overall in this regard.