Which One Should I Choose?

TEAL - calming

Great for those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, epilepsy, Parkinson's, irritability or restlessness. 

Great for those who are easily emotionally triggered. 

Good for those in pain


PURPLE - stimulating

Good for those dealing with addictions

Good for those who like something stimulating 

Probably not the one to choose for those with insomnia or headaches

Great for students and those who want improved focus.

Good for those with ADHD


GOLD - uplifting

For those who feel they need a "lift"

Great for those with depression

Great as a quick boost 



Some individuals with low blood pressure may experience headaches when using either Purple or Gold. This is likely due to increased blood flow and vasodilation. 

Often there is an adjustment phase one has to go through, after which headaches are no longer experienced.  

Headaches can be mitigated by the use of supplemental potassium, the use of aspirin, switching to the Teal nootropic, or lowering of the dosage by taking less capsules. 

Different versions of this nootropic will appeal to different constitutions. We are all individually quite diverse in terms of our biochemical and psychological makeup, but between these three options of Teal, Purple and Gold, you will find your flow. 

Play around with this brand, give it time to work. Because it does work, and we've seen that time and time again. 

We hope you enjoy. We've put a lot of love and effort into this brand.