Meet A Biohacker

Biohacker: somebody who uses science and biology to make his or her body and brain function more efficiently



Amy uses the nootropic-multi as part of her estrogen detox program.

She experienced side effects from using oral contraceptives, so these days she uses neem oil and barrier methods as contraceptives. Her protocol is to take the neem oil capsules 3 days before ovulation and for 4 days after. She thinks that neem can be used by men too, which when ingested acts as a spermicide. We’re not sure of the truth of these claims, but we find them fascinating none the less.

Amy finds it distressing that so many women are taking synthetic hormones (steroids) in the form of oral contraceptives. 

She wonders why the medical community is using synthetic progestins rather than natural progesterone in contraceptives. She wishes that clinical trials could be done on oral contraceptives which are a mix of natural estrogen (E3, estriol) and natural progesterone. She’d also like to see research being done into a progesterone ring as a form of contraceptive.

She realizes that companies cannot patent natural products and so she suspects that this is part of the reason synthetics are used instead of natural compounds. She hopes that one day most businesses will be driven by a desire to align with nature, rather than being driven by a desire for profit.


Doug is an avid weight trainer.

He says the purple Nootropic Multi works well as his pre-workout as it gives him a lot of energy and a great muscle "pump."
He also thinks it’s the best liver supporting supplement he’s ever used.


Simone uses The Nootropic Multi as her daily vitamin.

She facilitates spiritual healing through offering psilocybin ceremonies.

Simone believes that psychedelic nootropics have been banned in most parts of the world because they open up a person’s eyes to the truth beyond the reality of this human experience. She believes that the current social system has been designed in order to keep people docile and subservient. 
She regards nootropics as being powerful tools for spiritual development.  


Gareth uses The Nootropic Multi to help him focus at work.

He also uses an amino acid called DLPA for pain relief, and finds it works really well for him, without having any side effects.


For bone health, Joanne relies on the boron and vitamin D3 contained in The Nootropic Multi, as well as a magnesium citrate at night.
She does not supplement with calcium as this has been associated with certain side effects. 

Kym was the first to try the combination of Modafinil/Provigil together with the Teal nootropic.
She absolutely loves this combo. She says it opened her mind to a truth she was not aware of before. She says that it affects her in a deeply spiritual manner and helps her reach a new level of clarity.  
"If you can obtain inner stillness from the chaos of the mind, your external reality will respond positively. The Nootropic Multi finally calms the chaos." -- Kym