The Human Predator

Humans all too often have an arrogant and dangerously naïve belief that they are the top of the food chain. Just because we are no longer being chased by lions in the bush is no reason to believe that we are not being preyed upon. Hidden within the social structure of human existence lies a predatory class of individuals. 

One of man's biggest disabilities is his inability to confront evil. Whilst it is not pleasant to face, the truth is that there are many people alive who take pleasure in manipulating and hurting others in order to feed off of their production, their very life force. 

We have all known or come across such individuals. Such characters would pass as being human but, due to their complete lack of empathy, may perhaps be better classed under a different phylum completely.

As a response to childhood trauma, individuals develop defensive reactions as solutions to the pain they encounter. When certain (often contradictory) emotions, beliefs and decisions are experienced together, an archetypal personality is activated. It's almost like a primordial, base personality we fall back upon, a framework upon which a more developed personality is meant to be built.  

This personality type is much the same in each individual affected by these conditions. This is the False Self. Thus the antisocial and narcissistic personality is born, an end product of arrested childhood development, negative emotions and extreme fear. Narcissism and antisocial behavior are maladaptive solutions to extreme childhood trauma.  

"People throughout the millennia recognized the false self, recognized narcissism, they just had different names for it. They had different names, different explanations, because they were using a  different language ... 

There's a lot to lean about narcissism. Narcissism imbues and permeates even many religious tenets, many streams of thought, currents of thought and trends and philosophy, theology anthropology, sociology. Narcissism has a huge explanatory value, it's an organizing principle ...  

For you to understand the narcissist deeply, thoroughly and truly, is a survival strategy. Narcissist are all around and they are growing in number. They are your boss, they are your president, they are your wife, they are your children. You don't understand them at your peril.

-- Sam Vaknin, self-confessed narcissist and professor of psychology

Know the psychopath, know the narcissist. These are the predator and the parasite, hidden within your midst. 

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