The developmental process, from a personal perspective. 


The: emphatic, meaning "best entitled to be called"

Nootropic: it means "mindbender." Think cognitive enhancement. 

Multi: Means multipurpose, multinutrient. I designed it so as to contain the most effective substances I know of to optimize the human body and brain, all concentrated into only 3 capsules. 

Zero herbs, zero mushrooms, zero cannabis, zero stimulants, zero psychedelics, just nutrients: a multinutrient for your brain and body.

Designed to support the mind and body working together, in a dance of synergy and equilibrium.

The Nootropic Multi is supplementation simplified, the chemistry of calm.

Designed to be the best of everything I had learnt, I spent 25 + years reading, formulating, designing, testing and redesigning; over and over, until I was completely satisfied with the results. 

I was fortunate enough to have good friends in my life who were acutely aware of their bodies and the subtleties of what the nootropic was doing for them, and they were able to articulate these changes in a most eloquent way, which taught me a lot.

Through their experiences and those of my own I got to know a lot about this nootropic, and have attempted as accurately as possible to share with you what I understand of it.

Rather than try and give you a lesson in biochemistry I think it would be far more entertaining to share with you a story, which might offer one a clearer picture of exactly what has gone into this supplement, and what it has been designed to address. So I describe to you my "journey of discovery" of certain biochemical compounds and their effects on the human body. 

This is the journey of how, through much trial and error, I came to formulate a recipe, a blend of selected nutrients which when combined together created remarkable results.




To be continued...