Practitioner Successes

Pierre van Mossevelde is a highly respected alternative health practitioner with over 18 years of experience. 

He has been using The Nootropic Multi with great success in his practice, and uses it as a foundation of most of healthcare protocols.

Pierre consults from his shop in Greenside in Johannesburg, South Africa, called Cancure.

Here are some of the successes his clients have experienced with our range: 


Julia Arlington

I was on the purple and teal nootropics. I found that my sleep was better on them and I had more energy during the day. I was more focused and calm.


Ceri Gandy 

Pierre from Cancure is amazing! From the moment we started my appointment, Pierre nailed every symptom, and has treated me with fantastic results. I am firm believer in non-chemical, but I am more than impressed with my health 2 months later. Without a doubt, the Nootropic tablets have made me feel more alive and healthy than I have in a very long time. Specifically the gold Nootropic, which kicked me up a gear. Over and above that, they are a minimal cost to everyone else that I have tried to get results from. Thanks Pierre - Great Job!!!!
Craig Monson
Shout out to Pierre & Althea for your amazing work and commitment to Holistic health. I was battling with substances abuse and they introduced me to Nootropic gold multi. It enhances my mental clarity, mood, and vitality and has alleviated my cravings a lot. I feel amazing!! Thank you guys, keep up the good work.
Krystyna Albert
Hi, I highly recommend a live blood analysis.
It was very interesting information that Pierre shared while making me feel very welcome in his shop.
He knows a lot and is is clearly passionate about helping others.
He pointed out my deficiencies and told me which supplements to take.
After taking Nootropic for ONE night I had no uric acid stiffness in my feet legs and hips after two years of morning stiffness.
I thought my stiffness was old age but no it was not , I am 47.
What a blessing to wake up stiffness free and get up for work.
I highly recommend Pierre to assist you and do a live blood analysis
Neethu Mathew
I was recommended the Teal Nootropic by Pierre and it has changed my life. My anxiety and depression have alleviated and I no longer find myself going into a loop of negative thinking. I am calm, focused and mindful and less agitated. Pierre has a wealth of knowledge and is a holistic healer. I would recommend the Pierre and the Nootropic to anyone!
Byron Pinheiro
I recently tried out the new Gold Nootropic Multi and it is amazing!! It assists with energy, concentration and overall health . I would definitely recommend it. Cancure Wellness are the best company for natural healing and natural products, they are friendly and make sure you aren't just another customer. Thanks for all you do and all the lives you change :)
Mark Anthony Proctor
Thank you to Pierre and team for their continued friendly and passionate advise. As a restaurant owner i was recommended The Nootropic Multi to hep with anxiety, and general mental focus. The effects were, even after the first dose, instantaneous. i am extremely grateful!!! A huge Thank You!!!
Sophie Licht
Pierre and Althea, your wellness store feels like a home to me! Why? Where do you want to go when you are not feeling well? Home. Your knowledge on the human body is something I rarely experienced anywhere else. I trust you above anyone else to explain me how to fix or maintain my internal wellbeing and health.
The latest finding thanks to you, is to understand the cause for my lack of energy, fatigue and lack of fabrication internal happiness.
After testing me on one of your state-of-the machines, it was confirmed where the origin of my lethargy sits. I started yesterday by taking 3 capsules of The Nootropic Multi, which ladies and gentlemen, is a Godsend!
I am not even exaggerating, this is a game changer. Wherever I previously felt like I had to cry, today I possess peace and equilibrium. This is a revolution. I didn't know how much I needed it by understanding what it feels with it. Thank you for supporting me the way you do at Cancure Wellness for so many years. I would go nowhere else than you!