A Message

Your body is the vessel through which your consciousness can experience third  dimensional reality.

It is the reason for the wide range of emotions humans are able to feel and experience.

Duality is built into the human body, as is expressed in left and right sides, double strand DNA, anabolic and catabolic reactions and so on.

The human body is a extra-ordinary avatar through which to experience duality in 3D.

The outer reflects the inner, and so the journey to a better world starts within, by taking care of one's own body, one's own reactions, one's immediate environment and one's sphere of influence.  

You're body is sacred, quantum technology. You're body is bioluminescent, meaning it gives off light: you literally glow.

The human spirit is the light which is the extension of the Light of the Creator.

Your brilliance is your Light.

Let it shine!