What Makes us Different?

Herbal supplements can interact with conventional medicine or have side effects.

As such, The Nootropic Multi range of supplements have been designed to contain no herbs, but only nutrients essential for life and for growth.

Strictly speaking, herbal extracts are foreign to the body, and do not form part of the day-to-day biochemical reactions which are needed to survive. They come from outside of the body, and can thus be considered to be "exogenous" compounds ("exo" meaning outer, or external).

The Nootropic Multi range contains "endogenous" compounds, meaning essential nutrients which are naturally expected to be found in, or produced by, the body ("endo" meaning within).

What this means in real life terms is that our range is safe for most ages and most constitutions. 

Endogenous nutrients are organic compounds which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, amino acid derivatives, carbohydrate based nutrients ("glyconutrients") as well as co-enzymes. 

Some of the nutrients in our range have been modified for increased bioavailability, so that you get more of what is needed. These enhanced nutrients also act to bypass various metabolic errors which can reduce the efficiency of standard forms of these nutrients. 

What we have tried tried to do with this range is concentrate the most effective nutrients we know of, in as few capsules as possible, in a range which is simple enough to cover most bases, but no simpler.  

Essentially we've tried to simplify your supplement routine whilst providing you with the best of the best. Feedback from our clients have shown us that we have succeeded superbly in achieving this goal.