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Luc Botes

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 Sleep Enhancer user, from South Africa.


Review Stars

"I love this product and have personally used it for over a year. I recommend it to everyone I meet. 

Since the first time I tried it it created a sense of calmness and mental clarity. It reduces mental chatter and gets me into a state of flow and productivity.
My empathy, problem solving ability and creativity increase, while my need to react to destructive mind patterns dissipate. 
I highly recommend trying it out!"

Purple Nootropic user, from South Africa.


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"I've been taking the purple Nootropic for just over a month now and they've absolutely changed my life. I tell people that it's like meditation and enlightenment in a pill! I just wanted to thank you for bringing such an amazing thing into this world. More people need this in their lives."

Purple Nootropic user, from South Africa.



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Pierre recently put me onto Nootropics Gold and it has radically changed my life! As a mental health patient and recovering addict I needed something to help me function cognitively. Even simple day to day stuff. Just writing this feedback would be a challenge for me before, but after Nootropics I can put pen to paper… I actually feel successful, and if you feel successful success will come.

I’ve found that’s it’s a great mood lifter too, I catch myself feeling happy for no reason and actually feel guilty because I’m happy… such a paradox.. but its better to feel positive then being grumpy, miserable person and always having thoughts of dread.

Even though things in my life are not working out right now, Nootropics somehow gives me a feeling to try again and try again. As humans we are creatures that are controlled by our feelings, that sucks! I’m in a constant battle of whether I have emotions or does my emotions have me…sigh…sob sob…

I have made no changes to my diet or exercise plan yet I can feel something that wasn’t there before, a sense of well being, or contentment, I can only attribute it to Nootropics as this is the only thing I’ve recently introduced into my life. What I like about this product is the fact that its instant! Like 30mins instant, it kicks in and lasts the whole day. With no crash like what I have when I drink energy drinks. 

I’m using bigger words lately, I’m able to snuggle up to a good book again and my vocabulary is starting to improve. I’m able to engage with different people at all levels and on all topics. Especially news related articles and hobbies.

I guess it’s the clarity of my mind that I’m enjoying most, just grateful to have some clarity again. Good mental health performance is the best way I can describe this supplement.

This product has changed my thought patterns to positive, energetic and focused. I find that I can literally take on more tasks, which for a man is a challenge enough right, but I’m able to multi task, work in between multiple projects and stay focused and not procrastinate.

Most importantly Nootropics has increased my libido, not sure if it was designed for that, but it has turned me into that horny old teenager that I remember in the wonder years of the 90s. At 43 having a libido enhancer is a must for me!

All round I’m a HAPPY CUSTOMER and will continue using this product, its worth the price because it’s a game changer for well being.

Gold Nootropic user, from South Africa.



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 Teal Nootropic user, from South Africa.


Review Stars

"I buy this for my partner who had a stroke 4 years ago. He has a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. And of course there is cognitive injury as well as seizures that developed from the scar tissue on the brain. 
It has been about 6 months now and I have noticed a lot of improvement with mood, awareness, confidence, cognition and even longer duration between seizures
The anxiety took longer to settle due to unfortunate side effects of seizure drugs he was on. He has since stopped those.
I noticed a difference early on, but see that their on-going use strengthens his forces, abilities and his resolve. It helped him to motivate, which was very lacking in him previously.
I will continue to purchase this product and am very grateful to have finally found something that can support his brain health in this way."

Teal Nootropic user, from South Africa 


Review Stars

"After 10+ years of heavy stimulant abuse culminating in 4 months of psychosis/delusion, I reached out to CanCure Wellness for help and they responded swiftly with advice and a product recommendation - The Nootropic Multi.
It is now going on 28 days since I've last used an illicit stimulant and I can't remember the last time that I felt this enthusiastic about my own life. 
With the help of The Nootropic Multi I managed to push through the darkest and most emotionally challenging part of withdrawals, allowing me to address the psychological shadows that led me down this path as I learn to breathe again."

Purple Nootropic user, from South Africa