What Should I Expect To Feel?

Pay attention to the quality of your sleep, your energy levels, your general moods, your relationships with others and your overall health. 

Effects of the nootropic have been described as a state of being, rather than a physical feeling. It's about presence, it's about feeling more alive. Effects are sometimes subtle, yet when pointed out, not so subtle. 

The way you feel taking it begins to feel normal. You don't have to feel a buzz, but if you're feeling good and you are feeling well, it's working. To evaluate the effectiveness of this supplement compare your new normal to your old normal. 

The nootropic helps you to be fully you, and to be fully present. It helps keep you centered in who you truly are. It doesn't solve your problems for you, but helps gets you back to feeling the way you naturally should be feeling, so that you can solve your problems within your sovereignty. It empowers you by helping to restore equilibrium in your body.

The longer one takes it the more the effects become apparent. For best results it is recommended that one uses the full dosage of 3 capsules at least every second day, for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. Many have noticed even bigger changes after 9 months of consistent use, so it does seem to get better the longer one uses it.  

One may experience headaches for a short while if using the Purple, especially if one has low blood pressure. These should pass in a few days, probably no more than a week. Perhaps start with one capsule and build it up to 3 (for adults). The Teal is less likely to give headaches, if at all.

For those who want to quickly get a feel of what the nootropic can do for them, the Gold is probably the best choice to start with. It really is the "Goldilocks" of the range, not too mild, not too strong, but just right for most people. 

The nootropic doesn't leave you feeling like you want more, so it's not addictive. It addresses deficiency and replenishes. It leaves one feeling "satisfied", in a sense.  

Pay particular attention to your feelings of empathy whilst on this nootropic.  

This supplement will serve you best if you use it as your multivitamin, your foundation of an active, healthy lifestyle.  

Give your brain what it needs. It takes time, but when you do it properly and consistently you'll see the changes.