Nootropic Sleep Enhancer (30 Veg Caps)

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*Falling asleep and staying asleep

*Waking up feeling refreshed

*Nourishing your brain whilst you sleep



We wanted to design a brain supplement using only endogenous nutrients, to assist you with the quality of your sleep.

We aimed at creating an alternative to the only thing which seemed to reliably help people fall asleep - pharmaceutical sleeping pills. 

Although pharmaceuticals work, they do come with side-effects. 

Herbs such as valerian seemed not to work for many people as a sleep aid, and melatonin leaves many feeling groggy or gives nightmares, leaving natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals largely lacking.  

It was tricky to design an endogenous alternative to benzodiazepines and anti-histamine sleep-aids, as many factors affecting sleep needed to be taken into account:

*It must help a person fall asleep

*It must help a person stay asleep

*It must not lead to excessive urination at night

*It must help a person fall back asleep easily if they do wake up at night

*It must help a person sleep deeply, yet not so deeply that one cannot wake up during an emergency situation at night

*It must allow one to wake up at a reasonable time

*It must not leave one feeling groggy in the morning

*It must not lead to excessive dreaming

*It should be able to calm down excessive-thinking before bed

*It should address excessive cortisol (stress) levels

*It should ideally be effective in a single capsule dose


It took about 6 years and 9 iterations to get this one right - we removed 4 ingredients from the original formulation, and added another 2. 



In addition to being a sleep aid, this product is also a nootropic in its own right, meaning it feeds your brain, promoting optimal mental and emotional wellbeing. 



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