Nutrition and Mental Health

Whilst the current medical view holds that many “mental disorders” are a result of “chemical imbalances”, it is possible that such could merely be a symptom of a nutrient deficiency?

Before diagnosing oneself as having depression, anxiety, irritability etc., first find out whether or not you may simply have a nutrient deficiency or some lifestyle habit which is not serving you.

A nutrient deficiency, it would make sense, could cause a “chemical imbalance.”

Why has mainstream medicine not looked at it this way? One can only guess it’s because they are in the business of selling pharmaceutical drugs, not in the healing profession which deals with natural products.

We’re looking at cognitive enhancement from a different perspective; we’re looking at it from a perspective of how your body was designed to function. We don't treat symptoms, we address underlying basics. 

We’re using findings in the field of nutrition only recently discovered. We worked on optimizing brain health for 25 years before finalizing our formulation.

We come from the field of nutrition, not medicine. We don’t treat diseases, we address deficiencies and recommend incorporating healthy lifestyle habits. The Nootropic Multi addresses deficiencies and provides nutrients which are highly absorbable. It is a nootropic as well as a multivitamin. It is a supplement, which is defined as “something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole.”

We supplement the brain and body with “endogenous” nutrients, meaning nutrients which are naturally used by and found in the human body.

The Nootropic Multivitamin serves as a phenomenal foundation for any self-improvement or cognitive enhancing program. 

Try it, it's a bit of magic. 

The Nootropic Multi: it’s what your brain needs.