Autobiography of a Yogi


Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda is a great introduction to the importance of breath in meditation, and an introduction to the miracles of perhaps the most powerful form of meditation, known as Kriya Yoga

The Human body is essentially an electro-magnetic system, built of self-healing organic components. The 7 point chakra system of eastern philosophy has been discovered to be nervous system projections of the brain. 

By addressing these 7 projections of the brain, and by freeing up trapped energy along the spinal cord, specific meditation techniques can help one live a calm, fulfilled life where one understands one's true nature, and one's relationship with the Divine. 

Author Forrest Knutson shows you how to achieve in very little time, what it takes dedicated monks 20 - 30 years to achieve.

He achieves this through his vast experience in learning meditation straight from the masters, and combining this with his comprehensive understanding of the human nervous system, from a western scientific standpoint. 

                Hacking the Universe Forrest Knutson   Mastering Meditation Forrest Knutson

Forrest has distilled the essentials of meditation in a way no other westerner has done before. 

If you would like to get started on a meditation which is easily explained and gets straight to the point, Forrest Knutson is the person I recommend to learn from.


 "The practice of Kriya Yoga is to cleanse your stored information in your body computer " - Sri Ashok Singh,

(from YouTube video by forrest Knutson entitled "Interview with Sri Ashok Singh on Kriya Yoga and Maheshwari Dubeyji) 


For more information regarding the philosophy behind meditation, a good resource is The Eternities, A Vedanta Treatise: 


Vedanta Treatise