The state of your body affects the state of your mind. In order to optimize cognitive ability it is important to go back to basics and supplement foundational nutrition for your nervous system.

Equilibrium is defined as: 1) metabolic balance within a cell or the body 2) a state of balance between forces 3) emotional and psychological stability. Designed to restore equilibrium, The Nootropic Multi helps optimize your body so that your natural brilliance can shine through.

Nootropic means "mind bender," and is the name given to a class of compounds which have an effect on one's cognitive function. The Nootropic Multi is a next-generation nootropic, providing pure, wholesome nourishment for your grey matter.

Life in many ways is a mind game. Gaining full sovereignty over your own mind is one of the most important thing you could do to improve the quality your life. This nootropic has been carefully crafted over the course of 25 years in order to assist you in reaching your full cognitive and emotional potential.

The health of your body and the health of your mind are intertwined. The quality of your life is determined by the health of your body, the state of your mind and by your perceptions.

Just like oxygen and water, the ingredients of The Nootropic Multi are essential to the functioning of your body and brain.
It contains a concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a blend of smart-nutrients, supercharged for enhanced bioavailability.

This cognitive blend assists you in connecting to a place within yourself where everything is calm, clear, and confident. This allows you to more easily consolidate your energy and use it to create freely as you choose, whilst playfully exploring your own self-expression.

This supplement is a distillation of essential nutrients for your brain. Extraneous nutrients such as mushrooms or herbal extracts are not vital to the functioning of the brain, and thus they have not been added to this nootropic.

Enhanced with the breakthrough nutrient called Agmatine, recently discovered to be a neurotransmitter, The Nootropic Multi is revolutionizing the fields of cognitive enhancement and personal development.

Built around the transformational ingredients of Agmatine, N-acetylcysteine, Folate and Glucuronolactone, this nootropic addresses inborn errors of metabolism which can slow one down and leave one operating far below one's full potential.

This game-changing rule-breaker is at least 9 products in 1, powerfully concentrated into only 3 capsules.

A revolutionary multinutrient which supports cognitive function, emotional regulation, your immune system, improved sleep, energy levels, withdrawal, pain management, liver detox, heart health and more; this supplement is ridiculously good.

Safe to use from little to adult, The Nootropic Multi simplifies your supplementation routine and provides you with a revolutionary blend of cognitive awesomeness.

In the game of Life we can sometimes do with a "power up" boost. This is that boost.

It sounds so good because it is so good.

Find a deeper connection. Raise your own vibration. Empower yourself.

Take it for at least 3 months, take the full dosage, push through the adjustment phase, be consistent and you'll come to experience for yourself its subtle yet powerful effects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: these supplements are designed to be taken as a course, these are not a quick-fix. For best results they should be used consistently for at least a period of 3 consecutive months. Some may need to do them daily. Most people like the Gold the most, as it kicks in faster than the others.

Taken as part of a personal development program, this supplements assists you in being able to do the inner work required on this path of growing consciousness.

The Mindbender Multivitamin: It's What Your Brain Needs.

Teal: Calm Flow

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Purple: Focus Flow

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Gold: Energy Flow

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Nootropic Sleep Enhancer

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We've heard people say:

- “I feel more awake.”
- “I’m more present.”
- “I feel ‘switched on.' ”
- “My thinking is clearer.”
- "I feel more alive!"
- “It feel grounded and a lot more confident.”
- “It has become easier for me to find my words and express myself.”
- “I am better able to focus at work and on my studies.”
- “I’m a lot calmer.”
- “I feel more connected, to myself and to others.”
- This has helped me get more in touch with my emotions and feelings."
- “I've become far more creative.”
- “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when I stop using it I feel ‘off’ and when I continue with it I feel right again."
- "I've become a lot more patient with people."
- “This gets me out of being overwhelmed by my emotions, and from being stuck in the noise in my head.”
- “This is something special.”


Containing only endogenous nutrients as well as nootropic ingredients, Total Balance & Beauty Encapsulated are sub ranges of The Nootropic Multi, designed to meet our customers needs for supplementation for the health of the entire body.

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