Toltec Philosophy

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Toltec wisdom provides us with tools to develop a connection with our own inherent wisdom and divinity. 

The Toltecs of ancient Mexico understood the illusionary nature of reality, and realized that what we perceive as reality is merely the collective, unconscious agreements of society. We don't see life as it truly is, but see it through our social domestication, our limiting beliefs and our fixed perspectives.  

Some of the more empowering concepts which are part of the Toltec philosophy are:

*Living a life of impeccability,

*Eliminating one's sense of self-importance,

*Silencing the inner dialogue.


Toltec wisdom gives us tools for achieving personal freedom. 

Below is a comprehensive list of Toltec books. Be warned that these books may trigger your ego, engage your biases, and challenge everything you currently hold to be true. 

To start off with one could read or listen to the books in the suggested starter pack, to see if the subject resonates with you.   

Some of this Toltec stuff does get a bit weird. As always, take that which works for you and ditch that which doesn't. There is no single path to freedom. 

Here's the list. Each author brings his or her own flavor to the Toltec teachings: 


Suggested Starter Pack:

  • The Four Agreements - A practical guide to personal freedom, by don Miguel Ruiz
  • Journey to Ixtlan - The lessons of don Juan, by Carols Castaneda
  • The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, by Lujan Matus

I suggest reading or listening to these books in this specific order. They're available on Amazon or Audible. 


Books by don Miguel Ruiz - Spiritual teacher

The youngest of thirteen children, don Miguel Ruiz was born in rural Mexico to parents who were healers and practitioners of ancient Toltec traditions. As a young adult, he graduated from medical school in Mexico City and practiced neurosurgery with his older brother in Tijuana. A near-fatal car crash forever changed the direction of his life, however, causing him to leave medicine and to examine the essential truths about life and humanity. With his mother's help, and through her ancestral teachings, he discovered his own path to awareness, which evolved into a deep understanding of the physical universe and the virtual world of the mind.

Combining Toltec mythology and scientific perspectives, don Miguel has been able to merge ancient wisdom with modern physics and practical common-sense, forging a new philosophy for seekers of truth and personal authenticity. His landmark bestselling book, The Four Agreements, contains practical steps for long-term, personal transformation and has been read by millions around the world.

These are some books by don Miguel which I recommend: 

  • The Four Agreements - A practical guide to personal freedom
  • The Mastery of Love- A practical guide to the art of relationship
  • The Voice of Knowledge- A practical guide to inner peace
  • Beyond Fear - A Toltec Guide to freedom and joy
  • The Toltec Art of Life and Death- Living your life as a work of art 


Books by Théun Mares - Toltec guide

The author was born in Zimbabwe, of a mother who was a natural seer, and a father who was a miner. Having a seer's ability himself, Théun was trained from an early age in this art and in the disciplines of the Toltec tradition. Toltec means "A man or woman of knowledge," and the Toltec tradition encompasses a vast and ever-expanding system of knowledge about life, the universe and the part that we play within both. 

Drawing upon his knowledge of the fundamental unity of all of life, the author has used his seer's skills and training to uncover the essential truths that lie at the heart of all true religions and belief systems. In his books, he reveals the nature of these core truths, which have so often become distorted, corrupted and lost with the passage of time. He also shows how we can use these truths in a practical manner to revolutionize our thinking, our behavior and the world.   

The overall aim of Théun's work is firstly, to rekindle in all of us the knowledge that the whole purpose of life is the evolution of awareness, and secondly, to imbue in us an understanding of how this can achieved. 

His message is that the only possible way for us to create a hope-filled future, rather than a world filed with destruction, is by developing the openness of heart to embrace all of life fully, instead of becoming separative, divisive and indulging in escapisms.

Embracing all of life involves meeting all our challenges head-on, rather than running away from them. It involves developing and maintaining respect for the world in which we live, and for life in general; it involves acknowledging that all our actions have an impact on those around us, and it also involves the constant willingness to respond - to take action - based upon the feedback we get from our lives.  

The overall import of Théun's message is that, in the final analysis, the proper evolution of awareness can only come about as a result of practical experience. Wasting time in philosophizing, intellectualizing, rationalizing and escapisms only serve to lead one further and further away from practical experience, and from the real business of living. For the only real thing of lasting value in life upon the physical plane is to live it all, to experience it all, to embrace it all: the good with the bad, and so to develop the sense of utter inclusiveness, which is the mark of a passionate, alive, and truly human, being with a heart.   


  • Return of the Warriors - Toltec teachings volume 1
  • Cry of the Eagle  - Toltec teachings volume 2
  • The Mists of Dragon Lore - Toltec teachings volume 3
  • Shadows of Wolf Fire  - Toltec teachings volume 4
  • The Book of Aphorisms (can be found at


Books by Carlos Castaneda:

The works of Carlos Castaneda are essential in the library of any Toltec student. These books contain all of the basic principles and really give one a "flavor" of what the Toltec's were all about. They are an absolute delight to read.    

Carlos Castaneda was a graduate student in anthropology at the University of California, gathering information on various medicinal herbs used by the Indians in Sonora, Mexico, when he first met the old Yaqui Indian, don Juan Matus, whom he hoped could share with him some of his knowledge of medicinal plants. 

Carlos had known don Juan for over a year before he was taken into his confidence. One day don Juan explained that he possessed a certain knowledge that he had learned from a teacher, a "benefactor" as he called him, who had directed him in a kind of apprenticeship. Don Juan had, in turn, taken in Carlos as his own apprentice, but warned him that he would have to make a very deep commitment and that the training was long and arduous.  

Carlos chronicled his apprenticeship with don Juan in twelve classic volumes that introduced the Toltec teachings to the world at large, thus beginning a revolution of consciousness.  

  1. The Teaching of Don Juan (1968)
  2. A Separate Reality (1971)
  3. Journey to Ixtlan (1972) (An essential synopsis of some of the more important Toltec principles, this book also puts the first two into proper perspective)
  4. Tales of Power (1974)
  5. The Second Ring of Power (1977)
  6. The Eagles Gift (1981)
  7. The Fire From Within (1984)
  8. The Power of Silence (1987) 
  9. The Art of Dreaming (1993) (A practical guide. Please be sure to read "Shadows in the Twilight" by Lujan Matus before attempting to implement any of these techniques)
  10. Magical Passes (1998) (Details different sets of physical movements to redeploy energy, thereby reducing the inner dialogue and fostering inner silence, allowing the practitioner to acquire an extraordinary fluidity of perception. Magical Passes are possibly the primary tool of the Toltec practitioner)
  11. The Wheel of Time (1998) (A collection of quotes from his first 8 books)
  12. The Active Side of Infinity (1999) (A book recounting the most memorable events of Carlos's apprenticeship; and the book where he details the "topic of topics", known to North American Indians as "Wetiko.")


Books by associates of Carlos Castaneda:

A collection of personal stories of apprentices of Toltec wisdom, these books provide further insights and different perspectives on the world of ancient Mexican shamanism. These are fascinating personal accounts and provide one with a sense of the great camaraderie felt between the members of this shamanic group. 

Keep in mind when reading these books that not all Toltec lineages have the same teachings and values. As such, these books offer somewhat different perspectives to those of Carlos Castaneda.

I'd say that these books are essential reading, in order to expand upon other concepts and give clarification to many of the Toltec teachings. 


  • Encounters with the Nagual: Conversations with Carlos Castaneda - by Armando Torres 
  • The Secret of the Plumed Serpent:  Further conversations with Carlos Castaneda - by Armando Torres
  • The Universal Spiderweb - by Armando Torres


  • The Sorcerer's Crossing - by Taisha Abelar 


  • Being-in-Dreaming: An initiation into the Sorcerer's world - by Florinda Donner


Books by Lujan Matus - Master intuitive empath

Lujan leans towards the values of ancient Buddhism and esoteric Taoist teachings, embracing the all-encompassing view of empathy and compassion as the essential hallmarks of the philosophy he lives by. 

Detailing practical techniques for achieving greater awareness and freedom, written in an eloquent and clear manner, these books not only provide great insights and understanding to the techniques introduced in Carlos Castaneda's books, but offer unique and much-needed insights into the human condition.  


  • The Art of stalking Parallel Perception: The living tapestry of Lujan Matus
  • Who am I? An in-depth guide to empathic communion
  • The Power of Emptiness: Being, Knowing and Not-doing
  • Shadows in the Twilight: Conversations with a Shaman
  • Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic techniques to awaken your primal power
  • Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the true essence of Recapitulation
  • The Truths of Yeshua: An interpretation of the Gospel of Thomas
  • Oracle of the Heart: Whisperings of wisdom for daily reflection
  • The Art of Lo Ban Pai: An introduction to the philosophy of Spiral Energetics