3 Phase Liver Detox (60 Veg Caps)

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Total Balance Range 

Total Balance is a range within The Nootropic Multi.

These supplements contain endogenous nutrients only, meaning nutrients which are made in the body or are naturally expected to be found in the body.

This range covers supplementation needs for your entire body, and they contain nootropic ingredients, meaning ingredients which have an effect on one's cognitive abilities. 


3 Phase Liver Detox 

Liver detoxification serves a vital role in the body, being essential for digestion, cholesterol metabolism, breakdown of fats, and regulation of hormones such as insulin and estrogen.  

Providing nutrients used directly in the biochemical detoxification pathways of the body, this supplement assists with not only 1 or 2, but ALL 3 phases of detoxification, including elimination through the gut. 

Containing no herbs, 3 Phase Liver Detox is particularly safe for all ages and constitutions. 

Ideally taken twice daily to maintain balance throughout the day. 


Nootropic Ingredients: 

Folate (as 5-methyl tetrahydro folate)



N-acetyl cysteine




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